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interviews about Young & Beautiful

Interview with François Ozon

François Ozon et Marine VacthWhat was the catalyst for YOUNG & BEAUTIFUL?

Directing Ernst Umhauer and Bastien Ughetto for INTHE HOUSE was such a pleasure I wanted to work with young actors again. My early shorts and features explored adolescence, but from UNDER THE SAND on, I’ve worked essentially with older actors. So YOUNG & BEAUTIFUL started with my desire to film the youth of today. And since I had just filmed boys, I wanted to film a young woman.


Interview with Marine Vacth

Marine vacth - Jeune & Jolie de François OzonWhat was it like when you met with François Ozon?

Very straightforward. I did some screen tests for him, then read the script. I was moved by the story. It was clear and powerful. But I needed François to reassure me. I wanted to know how I would be filmed, what the film would look like, what its aesthetic would be. I felt comfortable with François right away. I like the mischievous glint in his eyes, and the way he works. He treats you like an equal. I never felt crushed by his authority, nor did I feel like I was being placed on a pedestal. After choosing me, François asked me to do screen tests with some other actors to help him finish casting the film. He wanted to see Géraldine and me together, to make sure the mother-daughter relationship worked physically. Same thing with Fantin, who plays my little brother.That was good, it helped me get into Isabelle’s skin.


Interview with Géraldine Pailhas

Géraldine Pailhas - Jeune & JolieAfter 5X2, what was it like working with François Ozon again?

Before offering me the role, François wanted to make sure Marine Vacth and I seemed like we could be family, but he still sent me the script right away. He’s very respectful. Nine years after 5X2, I was so happy he thought of me! Working together again felt very natural. We’re in tune with each other’s thoughts, words and actions. It was simple, easy.