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Interviews about The Refuge

Interview with François Ozon

François Ozon on the  set of The RefugePregnancy
A year ago, an actress friend of mine called to give me some good news: she was pregnant. Two days later, I called her and proposed we do a film inspired by her pregnancy. At first she was delighted, but a week later she pulled out. This was her second child, she knew what she was in for and didn’t feel capable of being both an actress and pregnant.

Interview with Isabelle Carré

Isabelle Carré in  The RefugeWhen did you meet François Ozon?
François offered me the film, just before a month of vacation during which I wanted to really experience my pregnancy. My first thought was «no», then I told him I needed to think about it. I was really tempted by the experience, especially with a director like him. So I accepted the role, with some trepidation, and on the condition that we shoot in the place where I had planned my vacation, the Basque country.

Interview with Louis-Ronan Choisy

Louis-Ronan Choisy  in The RefugeTell us about how you met François Ozon.
I invited him to a concert for the release of my third album. I knew he’d already seen me opening for Dani, so I figured he probably liked my music. He came to the show and we talked a little there, we had a nice conversation. Some time later, he told me he had an idea for a film and he’d like me to do some screen tests. I was curious to see how he worked, so I accepted.


Original song by Louis-Ronan Choisy & Isabelle Carré, excerpt from the soundtrack of The Refuge.

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