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Interviews about Potiche

Interview with François Ozon

François Ozon on the set of Potiche

In the beginning…
I’d been wanting to make a film about women’s place in society and politics for a long time. When I saw the play POTICHE by Barillet and Grédy, about ten years ago, I immediately thought it was great material for a film. But it took me a long time to make it mine, to figure out how to adapt and modernize it.

Interview with Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve in  Potiche

François Ozon approached you about POTICHE very early on.

Yes, as he did for 8 WOMEN. I was involved in the project from the beginning, right through to the end. I like to come in at the start, to really understand a film, give my opinion, discuss things. I tried to go in the direction François wanted. He’s very good at expressing what he does, or wants to do. Some actors like to begin working only when the script is final, but I like to be involved a bit beforehand. I need information from various sources so the character can gradually take shape, I can’t create a character alone before the shoot. I have an idea, of course, but I can’t really build the character if I stay in the abstract.