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Interviews about The New Girlfriend

Interview with François Ozon

François Ozon & Anaïs DemoustierWhere did you get the idea for the new girlfriend?

The film is a loose adaptation of a 15-page short story by Ruth Rendell, similar in tone and spirit to the television series Alfred Hitchcock Presents. In it, a woman discovers that her friend’s husband is a closet crossdresser. He becomes a girlfriend to her, but when he declares his love and tries to make love with her, she kills him. I read the short story at the time of summer dress, some twenty years ago, and wrote a faithful adaptation for a short film, but I couldn’t get financing or find the right cast so I abandoned the project.


Interview with Romain Duris

How did you get involved in the new girlfriend?

François Ozon called me and said he wanted to talk to me about a role.“I think you’re going to like it because I’ve heard you want to play a woman.” And that was true. I’d wanted to play a woman ever since childhood, when my big sister would dress me up as a girl for dinner with the family or with friends of my parents. I was her doll and I loved it. Maybe the simple pleasure of being a girl back then was already a way for me to be an actor!



Interview with Anaïs Demoustier

Tell us about your first meetings with François Ozon.

The first few times we met, François was pretty skeptical. He was still wondering a lot about the character of Claire and how old she should be. I did some tests, with the casting director running lines. I was not very convincing! Luckily, I did some more tests later with Romain, and those went great. Paradoxically, it’s a film that hinges on the interplay between two people of the opposite sex. Our chemistry totally worked.