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François Ozon filmography

Under The Sand (2001)

Under The Sand posterSynopsis: For years, Marie and Jean have happily spent their vacation together in the Landes region of western France. But this summer, while Marie naps on the beach, her husband vanishes without a trace. Did he drown? Did he run off?

French release: 7th February 2001 - Runtime: 95 min 

Director: François Ozon
Written byFrançois Ozon with Emmanuèle Bernheim, Marina De Van and Marcia Romano
Cast: Charlotte Rampling, Bruno Cremer, Jacques Nolot, Alexandra Stewart, Pierre Vernier, Andrée Tainsy
Produced by Olivier Delbosc and Marc Missonnier
Director of photography: Jeanne Lapoirie, Antoine Heberlé
Sound: Jean-Luc Audy, Benoît Hillebrant, Jean-Pierre Laforce
Casting: Antoinette Boulat
Editor: Laurence Bawedin
Composer: Philippe Rombi

Other music heard in the film: Septembre (Quel joli temps) by Barbara © les editions Métropolitaines
Undenied by Portishead © Crysalis Music LTD
Prélude Opus 28 en si mineur - Lento assai - by Frédéric Chopin
by Philippe Rombi © 2000 Fidélité Productions
Prélude en B major - Vivace - by Frédéric Chopin
Symphonie n°2 en Do mineur - Résurrection - by Gustav Mahler

A book adapted from the screenplay of Under the Sand is available in french at Editions de l'Arche.

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