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Angel UK release

Angel UK poster
Angel has been released in UK cinemas by Lionsgate from August 29 2008.

Renowned director François Ozon presents this sumptuous adaptation of Elizabeth Taylors’s much-loved novel - Angel is a rags-to-riches melodrama in the high style. 
Set in Edwardian England, it traces the career of would-be novelist Angel Deverell (Romola Garai), whose blithe innocence of the ways of the world doesn't stop her pen from spilling forth torrid romantic fantasies. Angel's literary career is a runaway success, and wealth, fame and love come her way, but the one thing that continues to evade Angel is happiness. 
Angel is an epic period drama set against the backdrop of the First World War, created with love in the manner of the classic Hollywood 'women's picture' like Gone With The Wind and Imitation Of Life.

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