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François Ozon filmography

Swimming Pool (2003)

Swimming Pool posterSynopsis: Sarah (Charlotte Rampling) is a rigid and conservative, yet successful English mystery writer. Sarah's personal life and new novel take a dramatic twist when she meets her publisher's sexy, free-spirited daughter Julie (Ludivine Sagnier).

French release: 21 May 2003 - Runtime: 102 min

Director: François Ozon
Written by: François Ozon and Emmanuèle Berheim.
Cast:Charlotte Rampling, Ludivine Sagnier, Charles Dance, Marc Fayolle, Jean-Marie Lamour, Mireille Mossé, Michel Fau, Jean-Claude Lecas, Lauren Farrow

Producers: Olivier Delbosc & Marc Missonnier (Fidélité)
Cinematographer: Yorick Le Saux
Composer: Philippe Rombi
Sound: Lucien Balibar
Costumer: Pascaline Chavanne
Make-up: Gill Robillard
Hairdresser: Myriam Roger
Art Designer: Wouter Zoon
Production director: Christine de Jekel
Cast: Antoinette Boulat
Set photographer: Max Hureau
Editor: Monica Coleman
Sound editor: Benoît Hillebrant, Jean-Pierre Laforce

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